On our way to a sustainable metal supply

With the escalating demand of metals in an increasing global population, Europe is confronted with the challenge to secure a sustainable metal supply. Lack of cost effective technology to extract heavy metals from hazardous, metal-rich fly ash collected in complex municipal solid waste streams has escalated societal challenges due to environmental as well as monetary costs. Fly ash could instead be a resource for metal recovery. Another challenging waste stream is hazardous waste from alumina production. The BIOMIMIC project addresses key problem areas of complex waste processing. The primary objective is to create and validate new biotechnological metallurgical methods that have the potential to concentrate metals in dilute solutions while leaving the residue free from toxic substances. It will be achieved through technology development of biotechnological methods pertaining to treatment of waste streams.


Closed gap between academia and industry

Closed gap between academia and industry

The BIOMIMIC project is in its final stage after 2,5 years of working with converting complex waste to valuable recourses. Erik Rosebaum at MTC gives us his thoughts about the project. Erik Rosebaum works at MTC, which is an environmental tech company that takes...

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A strong partnership

The project structure is built to ensure that BIOMIMIC fully capitalize on the expertise from each consortium member. Get to know theme here. read more

Six WPs focus on key areas

BIOMIMIC aims to develop solutions in areas of complex waste processing. Learn more about how our work plan is structured in work packages (WPs). read more

Get in touch with BIOMIMIC

You are always welcome to contact the project management and partners, for example by sending a message from our contact page. read more

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