The BIOMIMIC project is in its final stage after 2,5 years of working with converting complex waste to valuable recourses. Erik Rosebaum at MTC gives us his thoughts about the project.

Erik Rosebaum works at MTC, which is an environmental tech company that takes university findings to market application.

– Our expectations of the BIOMIMIC project was to close the gap between the academia and the industry. We also hoped that we could build valuable knowledge regarding bioreactors – and of course, we wanted to increase our network, says Erik Rosebaum.

MTC were not in the project from the start but took the place of another organization that exited the BIOMIMIC project. As a consequence of that they could not give input on the budget for their part:

–  Instead, we choose to see the gap in the budget as an investment to generate knowledge for the future and develop new business opportunities, says Erik Rosebaum, and adds that MTC are satisfied with the fact that they have generated knowledge – but also that the coordinator RISE has have successfully managed to connect academia with industrial parties.

And, because of the BIOMIMIC project results, MTC are already in discussions with Fortum to develop solutions to handle contaminated water.


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