We have built a strong partnership

BIOMIMIC is a project of interdisciplinary and very demanding scientific work including many scientists, SMEs and industry partners with a clear and tight work plan. The project structure is built to ensure that BIOMIMIC fully capitalize on the expertise from each consortium member. All partners, listed here, will work in a coordinated manner and quality standards will be met at all levels .

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

The coordinator, RISE, coordinates several European and national projects yearly and has over 40 years of experience of anaerobic bioprocessing and possesses several biotechnological lab resources as wells as two algae test beds. Through BIOMIMIC, RISE will further develop its lab infrastructure to specialise research in Sweden.


Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research takes a systemic approach to analysing and encouraging the transformation of systems towards environmental and societal compatibility, taking into account economic, political, ecological and social aspects. Their team of economists and social scientists, engineers and natural scientists combines an advanced range of methods.

MTC Miljötekniskt center AB

MTC specializes in the implementation of emerging environmental technologies linked to mining and mineral, pulp and paper, contaminated soil, sludge and water. MTC owns and manages a large test bed facility for demonstration of new and innovative technology in a real, large scale environment. MTC performs feasibility studies, pilot tests, and full scale deployment. 

Biosorbe AB

Biosorbe is a SME that provides a variety of biotech products and solutions for soil and water treatment applications. No other company in Europe has access to the microbial sulfate reducing consortia (NB-one), that is unique in its adaptability to different contaminants and will be used in BIOMIMIC.

Purac AB

Purac is a water management and anaerobic digestion technology developer in Sweden with extensive knowledge in bioprocess design bringing in knowledge from another sector into the project.

Lulea University of Technology

Lulea University of Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is a globally recognised centre of excellence in mining and geo-resource engineering. BIOMIMIC results will be incorporated in bachelor and master student curricular in waste management education.

Fortum Waste Solutions

Fortum Waste Solutions is a Nordic circular economy company that provides recycling, reutilisation, remediation, and final disposal solutions.

G.E.O.S. Ingenieurgesellschft mbH

GEOS has been a geotechnics, mining and processing service provider for more than 25 years. The department Biotechnology/Process Development is focused on the physicochemical and biotechnological treatment of water, sludge, waste and recycling materials.

University of Limerick

University of Limerick, Department of Chemical Sciences, has earned a reputation for innovation in education and research, and has access to exceptional facilities. The BIOMIMIC project will have full access to their analytical facilities.

Geonardo Environmental Technologies

Geonardo Environmental Technologies, with its extensive knowledge and network from EU projects, will contribute stakeholders and technology analysis and dissemination in the CEE region and BRAVO network.

Members of the Advisory Board

In addition to its interdisciplinary partners, two key stakeholders for the bioprocesses namely RUSAL and  Boliden Smelters are directly associated with BIOMIMIC through its Advisory Board.

RUSAL’s Aughinish Alumina is one of the most technologically advanced and energy efficient facilities worldwide, and the knowledge on quality demand of the final products for securing high value is provided by Bolidens smelters.

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