The goal of BIOMIMIC has been to convert complex waste to valuable recourses. Susana Reichel at Geo Freiberg, a SME with focus on the mining industry, thinks the project has been a valuable project to take part in.

– As we are focusing on consultancy toward the mining industry, water treatment services and metal recovery in the BIOMIMIC project has been a valuable project to take part in, says Susana Reichel.

She thinks that Geo Freibergs expectation on the project was high, and they are not disappointed:

– From the project we hoped for an effective sulfate reduction process with some sort of bio reduction. Furthermore, we hoped for answer concerning issues from mining leak water from active and not active mines with goal to find a method for removal of sulphate and metals recovery. 

Susana Reichl thinks that it might be possible for them to apply the findings in an industrial context:

– But the mining industry is conservative in testing new technologies and tend to continue with chemical solutions. The mining industry need evidence that a bio process is effective before they can consider implementation. Although, we are planning for a new research project based on the results from BIOMIMIC, hopefully we can take the method further and increase the TRL and if we are successful we can close the gap to a method that eventually can reach the market!

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