MTC – Miljötekniskt center AB – replaces the Swedish cleantech company Flocazur as a partner in the BIOMIMIC consortium. This was decided by the General Assembly in June.

MTC logoMTC is a Swedish SME and testbed provider that specializes in the implementation of emerging environmental technologies linked to mining and mineral, pulp and paper, contaminated soil, sludge and water.

The company develops technology for sulfate reduction though not exactly in the same way as Flocazur. This means the BIOMIMIC project will have to adjust its technology for sulfate reduction. The project management looks forward to working with the new technology and to follow what it can do for results within the project.

“We are happy that we could find such a smooth solution and are glad to have MTC on board”, says Erika Lönntoft, assistant project leader for BIOMIMIC.

The General Assembly also decided to include the leading aluminium producer RUSAL in the project’s Advisory Board as a replacement for MMTA.

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