Learn more about the BIOMIMIC work packages

The BIOMIMIC project addresses key problem areas of complex waste processing. The BIOMIMIC work plan is structured into six work packages (WPs). They are as follows:

WP1 – Management

Clear management structures and techniques build a framework for the multidisciplinary BIOMIMIC consortium with the objective to achieve proper and effective accomplishment of BIOMIMIC goals and task.This WP aims to create smooth workflow, mitigate risk and stimulate innovations. Further, it will create transparency for the BIOMIMIC funding agencies. The project management and coordination encompasses the financial, administrative and contractual components including quality assurance, gender equality and the risk monitoring and mitigation during the entire project period. WP1 will supervise and maintain the implementation and project progress according to the scheduled work plan including tasks, deliverables and milestones.

Start month 1, end month 29. 

WP2 – Characterization of material matrix

The objective of WP2 is to provide information about the matrixes of the BIOMIMIC material used in the bioprocesses and making it available for the biometallurgical processes in WP 3-4 as well as for the modelling tasks in WP5. The methodologies developed in the project will be validated on secondary material previously identified as key sources for zero waste valorisation. The WP provides information about these streams and makes it available.

Start month 1, end month 29. 

WP3 – Bioreduction & precipitation

The objective of WP3 is to increase Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of sulfate bioreduction and metal precipitation of the relevant metal solution from waste incinerations plant from three to five by validating the technology in a relevant environment. Quantitative technical feasibility study on the application of the sulfate reduction and chemical precipitation processes. WP3 will develop microbial consortia, use innovative reactor design and use readily available waste carbon source to reduce the cost. Validation in lab / pilot scale mimicking industrial conditions.

Start month 1, end month 26. 

WP4 – Biosorption TRL development

This WP addresses the challenges of material cost and environmental impact in a biosorption process and the complexity of industrial processes utilising biosorption. WP4 will assess and improve a selection of previously analysed sorbent material with high metal recovery rates for the purpose of metal recovery from metal leachate and bauxite residue. The methodology will be validated in lab with industrial samples to increase TRL.

Start month 1, end month 26. 

WP5 – Techno-economic evaluation

This work package is intended to provide accompanying research to the biotechnological process development regarding market barriers, economic and ecological assessments of the developed technologies. The results are intended to support the implementation of the developed technologies by providing relevant data regarding the economic potential, cost effectiveness and ecological advantages.

Start month 1, end month 29. 

WP6 – Dissemination

Trough effective and targeted dissemination and publication of BIOMIMIC results and continuous communication and feedback with stakeholders and related sectors, WP 6 ensures that the findings become a well-known element of the knowledgebase for industrial practitioners to ensure full utilization of project results.

Start month 1, end month 29. 


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